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Interview with Owen Wonder

Artist name: Owen Wonder

Birth name: Stephen Moore

 Age: 40

Music genre: Reggae, lovers, Ska How long have you been making music? 6 years

Who inspires you? The great Bob Marley and his family, Gregory Isaacs, Bres Hammond, Dennis Brown, John Holt, and Ken boom, Lloyd Brown, Morgan Heritage,

What’s the decision behind your image and stage name? I’ve all ways like fashion looking smart, and I think the older you get the smarter you want to look hence I wear a lot of suites I think the style just followed me. Owen is my middle name, and wonder came from my Dj name which they called me Stevie wonder, but as you no I couldn’t take that name as a singing artist for obvious reasons

What can we look forward to in 2012? I’ve just released my first Music video on the 5th March 2012 and single release will be available from iTunes on the 19th may. The next single release will be called “Going Home “and should be out in may with a new video to follow. Ep should be out by October.

Most memorable musical moment to date? Singing at the Peterborough festival to around 13000 people and every one from all walks of life enjoying Reggae and Ska music Advice to any up coming artists? Learn to sing with a live band that will give you the confidence to sing anywhere, and it also helps you to control your vocals and to project them with control. Try to be in control of what you are doing within the music business as it’s easy to be lead down the wrong path. Anything you do execute it with passion or it might just turn around and bite you in the ass.

 What do you think the music industry needs ? More structure in the industry just like Pop Music

What personal musical goals do you have ? To win a MOBO, award, because for me you are Reggae artist representing England.

Are you musically trained ? No

Who is your favourite artist and why? Bob Marley is my favorite artist, I grew up in the 70s were black and white people were still having trouble with each other, then come along Marley and brought some unity between all races, nothing more said

who is your favourite sound and why? Stone love is my sound, I was in Jamaica back in the early 90s visiting family and went to a stone love dance with lees unlimited. When stone love pulled up to unload the sound they had a arctic lorry just to unload there boxes I was hook from then, the noise was amazing and bwoy they could select. Where

would you most like to perform ? Sting in Jamaica Who would you most like to do a track with ? Morgan Heritage Where can a fan find more about you? and all social media

 Personal preference section :

How do you prefer your egg ? fried boiled scrambled. Fried

 How do you prefer your dumplings ? boiled or fried Both

How do you prefer your plaintain ? boiled or fried Fried

Favourite colour ? Black, Green, Blue

Favourite car ? BMW 5

 Favourite football team ? Arsenal

Any other info : Single available for download globally on the 19th May 2012

A blog ? Lol

Decided to write a Lil something something lol .. Erm where to start .. Basically for all who stalk me lol jokes I’m Sick today so not on true form 😦 ermmm .. The Low point of year so far funerals and lots of work changes …highlight of the year new skills learned and awesome new links … Been doing sum PR for the one love festival in London set up a team page for sizzla following a great skype convo 😉 and will soon release a new riddim i co produced with andre solid which has some bangers on it 😉 other than having some busy months with king Erruption club bookings my only plans for the next few days is rest rest rest so I can push hard in development again … Ermmm if u liked this post leave a comment .. Or constructive feedback 🙂 one Love all

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