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Artist name: RDX Birth name: Carlton Williams (Renigade) and Andre Bedward (Delomar)

Age: ???

 Music genre: Dancehall/ Reggae

 How long have you been making music? From we were kids in the 90’s but we made our breakthrough in 2007 with our single ‘Dance’.

 Who inspires you? GOD.

What influences you? The greatest influence on RDX music is life itself. Life comes with various colors and moods and our music reflects this.

What’s the decision behind your image and stage name? RDX means Renigade and Delomar X. RDX is also an explosive which coincides with the explosive nature of our performances on stage. And we both have colorful personalities, so our image and hair color displays this.

What can we look forward to in 2012? The evolution of RDX. We have always endeavored to get better at what we do. We will continue to make hardcore Dancehall music, and add to that a new chapter of a deeper, more inspirational RDX. Our all Reggae upcoming Album titled “Soul Poetry” will embody this.

What provides the passion for what you are doing? We love music, and love to make music. Our passion for music goes far beyond anything external, because music itself is a spiritual entity. And its this spirit that evokes our passion.

Most memorable musical moment to date? When we performed on a beach in Uganda, Africa to over 35,000 people. People stood in the sea just to see RDX. That moved us.

Advice to any up coming artists? Believe in what you do and always try to improve at your craft. Never forget the “Art” in being an Artiste.

 What do you think the music industry needs ? Lots of things. Firstly, more unity, better marketing and more professional participants. But what it doesn’t need is so much bias and politics as what it is plagued by today.

What personal musical goals do you have ? A Grammy and a Platinum Record.

 Are you musically trained ? No.

Who is your favourite artist and why? Renigade: Buju Banton & Terror Fabulous Delomar; Wayne Wonder & Lukie D. Renigade; I love Buju’s versatility and command of the stage, and Teror’s voice and delivery. Delomar: I like Wayne’s ability to switch seemlessly from a girls singer to a gangster singer. And Lukie is a supreme vocalist.

 Who is your favourite sound and why? Dont have a favourite sound. From you play good music we good with that.

Where would you most like to perform ? At the Super Bowl.

 Who would you most like to do a track with ? Rihanna, Jay Z or Eminem.

Where can a fan find more about you? Slash RDXMUSIC on all the top social networks. We have our RDX website under construction as well.

Personal preference section :

How do you prefer your egg ? fried boiled scrambled R: Fried. D: Boiled.

How do you prefer your dumplings ? boiled or fried Fried.

How do you prefer your plaintain ? boiled or fried R: Boil. D: Fried. Favourite colour ? R: Brown. D: Blue

 Favourite car ? BMW

 Favourite football team ? R: Arsenal D: Germany

 Any other info : 2012 will see the release of two full RDX Albums, the all Reggae “Soul Poetry” due out this summer, and the mostly Dancehall “Go Hard Or Go Home”. RDX is currently finishing up two additional EP projects, the Electronic “Refill” with South Rakkas from Florida and a Reggae styled project with Europe producers Dread Squad.

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