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Artist name: Serocee
Birth name: Jerome
Age: Young enough to still learn something new everyday
Music genre: Dancehall/ Hip Hop
How long have you been making music? All my life
Who inspires you? The everyday struggle
What influences you? Everything around is an inspiration, but genrally
knowing that no matter, how difficult a sittuation can be, it’s gonna
get better.
What’s the decision behind your image and stage name? Honesty, I didnt
give myself the name, it was given to me by the people who were around
me at the time
What can we look forward to in 2012? First release out already
“Fearless” next single due mid to end of feb “Troublemaker” and then a
number of EP’s mixes within  the year.
What provides the passion for what you are doing? Music is something i
live NOT something I do so the passion is never ending.
Most memorable musical moment to date? Performing in front of 45
thousand people in Japan with Basement Jaxx or Walking on top of a
Crowd in Bristol! Yeah I do mad things when performing!
Advice to any up coming artists? Chase the work NOT the money, and
always be true to you…
What do you think the music industry needs ? Honest people!
What personal musical goals do you have ? To make room for people who
want to talk about more than drugs, money and sex.
Are you musically trained ? No
Who is your favourite artist and why? Don’t have one each day is different.
who is your favourite sound and why? Don’t have one
Where would you most like to perform ? Africa
Who would you most like to do a track with ? Tracy Chapman
Where can a fan find more about you?

Personal preference section :

How do you prefer your egg ? fried boiled scrambled – Fried
How do you prefer your dumplings ? boiled or ried – Fried
How do you prefer your plaintain ? boiled or fried – Fried
Favourite colour ? Black
Favourite car ? Whichever one I’m driving
Favourite football team ? Liverpool

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