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SAXON INTERVIEW – This is SAXON’S story by Lil D

•*¨*•☆♫ Anthony Francis aka Mini Muscle ♫☆。•*¨*•。☆♫

When asked how did all start? The once upon a time bit 😉

Family member of the legendary England Sound SAXON established in 1976. His brother then aged 13 and Curtis Henry started to play for family events under a different name for a year called ‘Imperial Rockers’ (a lovers rock sound), before the legendary name of Saxon was born. In those days there were not even pirate radio stations it was all word of mouth with details, of a house party, hall, a centre etc Saxon would play in a park known as Skate Land where now Millwall football ground is located. A free event to 2000 – 3000 people! Every Sunday! With no problems! Just sounds and skating.

The Saxon family name or ‘Army’ as Mini Muscle likes to refer to them are Muscle Head, Trevor Sax, Mikey Bubbs, Dennis Wroe, alongside Djs/singers Levi Tippa, Colonel, Sandy, Rusty, Roger Robin, plus many others

Main influences of Saxon Sound were sounds like Jah Shaka, but for Mini Muscle who was 7 years old when he joined was inspired by sounds like Stone Love for their unique and creative style of juggling. Plus all the original Killamanjaro Crew, Germely, Ainsley, Supercat, Early B etc

One of the earliest memories of Saxon’s parties was a dance called DJ Explosion in Riverdale hall in 1981 with artists like Peter King, Smiley Culture, Asha Senator, Stout, Water House, Dezey Kojak, Lesley Lyrics, Dirty Dez, and a stage show event

When asked what has been the Low Points: Going on a boat of Greenwich peer come back and find the van with all the sound equipment had been stolen this was 3 years after setting up. It did not obviously stop determined Saxon from reaching their goal

When asked what have been the high points? The two dances that were not to be missed were 1. Saxon and Third World New York and 2. Saxon and Body Guard, Coxone, Rolex Express the FIRST EVER WORLD CLASH

♫☆。•*¨*•。☆♫ I then asked random questions in Lil D style ♫☆。•*¨*•。☆♫

Who’s the most memorable person you have ever met? – Mohammad Ali

Who would you most like to meet? – Bob Marley

How has the Reggae industry changed over the years – he laughs

Any advice for upcoming sounds? – Try to do something different, have your own style too many bedroom downloading djs, no vibes no crew, no togetherness

What your favourite saying/catchphrase – NO SOUND TEST!

The saying that annoys you the most? – YO

♫☆。•*¨*•。☆♫ PERSONAL PRERENCE SECTION♫☆。•*¨*•。☆♫

Favourite Artist – Dennis Brown

Favourite Sound? – Saxon

Favourite Dubplate? – The winner by Derrick Harriet

Proudest moment? – Getting the world cup in 1994

Favourite fast Food? – Chinese

Fried or boiled dumplings? –Boiled

Favourite way to cook egg? – Scrambled .. But firm he adds LOL

Hobbies – Making music, family, football, art

Favourite football team – Liverpool

Favourite films – Scarface, Godfather old gangster stuff

Future plans – More music, more live artists next to the sound not just in studio

I have had the pleasure of hearing many Saxon stories and felt it was important to help showcase this UK sound history this is why I choose to record and write this interview back in 2006 … a few weeks ago 2011 I called Mini Muscle to see how they are what’s new as predicted the sound are still very busy ( standard ) and informed that Saxon are currently cataloging their successful history ( info /event history/ mixtapes ) and these should be available to the public soon.

I would also like to also thank Mini Muscle and SAXON as they have been a great support to KING ERRUPTION and many LAVASPLASH events and have always stayed true to the music providing great advice and knowledge. True LEGENDS IN THE BUSINESS.

☆。•*¨*•。☆♫ If you would like to be interviewed please contact LIL D ☆。•*¨*•。☆


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